Formed 1.19.2014

​​We are a group formed by many others. Inside we are Challenger

owners exclusively and favor no trim level over another. Outside

we remain positive individuals with ambitions and lives that come

first and above all.

As a subgroup to our outside affiliations, we became an"Alliance."
We recognize a member's outside group, events and activities, and
therefore, we hope to become affiliated with car clubs across the
state and become Georgia's finest model specific Dodge Challenger
The idea is not complicated; we are a group of people with the same
passion for cars, family and fellowship. As our numbers grow, we will
develop the ability to contribute and give back to our community and
​charitable foundations.

​​We all know great people from across the state as we interact with other clubs, meets, track and show events. Nothing changes and we recommend abstaining from the idea of recruiting from within our own nest as the idea of our "Alliance" may be strange or new to established clubs. Instead embrace the idea of what we are building, hang on and enjoy fellow Challenger owners and the opportunities that develop from within. In doing so, we will create a draw of the like-minded people who wish to participate. 

Why Just Challengers:

We are Mopar skin and bone and we enjoy meeting with our Mopar friends and family, that will never change. We are not a "club" but more of a collection.  We are merely capturing and sharing with other owners the excitement of the day to day ownership and the natural draw that is felt when you pull next to another Challenger (the conversation begins).  Why wait for an annual summit when we have the making here in our state, so were gettiing together and touching base. The idea is like a online Challenger forum set free in a 59k sq. mi area.  The idea is another way to make new friends and enjoy life. 

If you drive Mopar, you have not lost us, and we have not left you.. oh no no, were just gathering the infentry as it appears round two of the American Muscle Car battle is in full swing.

Joining Peach State Challengers:

  • You must own one of the coolest muscle cars ever, a Dodge Challenger. 
  • Live in the state of GA. upon your join request, must pass review process by member or members of the board.​
  • ​Live outside state of GA. must submit request, pass review by member or members of the board, must attend one Peach State Challengers outing (non multi-group event). 

  • ​​To be seen in the Web Member Gallery you must attend a meet or gathering.
  • New members must agree to Terms and Conditions listed below.

Join Request Options:

  • Send request by useing the Contact Us tab on this web site. Please indicate your city and year model of Challenger.
  • ​Send request by likeing our Face book Alliance Page and leaving a request to join message.
  • Send  request through an existing member referral.

Associate Members:

  • Associate Members can be family, friends and fellow gear heads that wish to assemble with PSC on a
    given date or take part in travel to or from  events in a vehicle other than a dodge challenger.

  • Associate members participating in a event must take a position in the tail of a Peach State Convoy. This is due to

             members photos, pro photos, videos, and public presentation of Peach State Challengers.

  •  Associate members must agree to Terms and Conditions listed below.

​​​​ ​​Terms and Conditions:

  • Think of courtesy and respect of others. On the street, on group communication pages, attending events and while seen as PSC, chill and enjoy!

  • All laws, motor vehicle, traffic, and establishment laws should be observed while in route or during a planned group event. Failure to do so is at your own risk and any property damage or injury resulting from noncompliance is solely your own responsibility. Street racing can not be condoned and should not be publicly promoted. "The track is where its at".

  • Failure to adhere to the above terms can result in your group removal. We have adopted a three strike policy that can be moderated based on infraction severity. Any such scenario is the responsibility of the board.

Who we are: